Adjust Sleep Timer idChamp RS3

RS3 Has been discontinued. See the RS3x

You can adjust the sleep timer for the idChamp RS3 Reader to allow for a longer timeout period or disable it completely. To do so, you will need a USB-RS232 adapter and a terminal program such as TeraTerm or PuTTY. Follow the steps below to configure this timeout period (all typed commands will be without the quotes and followed by the enter key):


For DIP switch banks S3 and S2:

RS3 DIP Switches S3 and S2

For DIP switch banks S4 and S5:

RS3 DIP Switches S4 and S5

1. Set the DIP switches for Windows BT configuration mode (S2/S3 left, S4/S5 right)   

2. Plug the RS2 into your USB-RS232 adapter and connect to your terminal tool  

3. Type ‘$$$‘ to enter CMD mode  

4. Type ‘S:,65535‘ to set the sleep timer to the max – you should see an AOK response (this command is used to enter the timeout period in seconds – 65535 will disable the timer)

5. Validate the settings by typing ‘o‘ – results of o command below

***OTHER Settings***

•  Profile= SPP

•  CfgChar= $

•  SniffEna= 100

•  LowPower= 0

•  TX Power= 0

•  IOPorts= 0

•  IOValues= 0

•  Sleeptmr=-1

•  LowBatt= 1899

•  DebugMod= 0

•  RoleSwch= 0

6. If these settings are correct type ‘r,1‘ to save the settings and reboot the deviceThe following two cables (or proper substitutes) are required to make the update outlined on this page:
BlueSnap Bridge cable MicroUSB to RS-232 DB9 female
Adapter USB to RS-232 with power on PIN9 option