Help! My Scanner Won’t Stay Connected to SerialMagic Gears

This article’s purpose is to address the recent complaints with SerialMagic Gears. Since a major update to the SerialMagic Gears application, many customers have been reporting problems with connecting their Bluetooth scanner or remaining connected. This support page provides instructions and resources for troubleshooting this problem.

If you are having problems with SerialMagic Gears, you should check several things before reporting it to the Serialio support team. Having this information makes it much easier to find the source of the problem.

Troubleshoot Your Setup

1. Check your SerialMagic Gears version number.

2. Check to make sure that you understand how to use the new device manager.

3. Check to make sure you are using the correct control codes.

Reset Android’s Bluetooth 

1. Toggle your Android’s Bluetooth OFF and then ON again.

2. Restart your Android phone/tablet.

3. Unpair your scanner completely and start fresh.

Submit a Report

If none of the above helped to resolve the problem, you can submit a report to the Serialio technical support team. You must include the following information in your report.

1. Your version of Android

2. The version of SerialMagic Gears

3. The scanner model and serial number. For example, a Scanfob® 2006 would be something like “OPN-2006” “SN:000123.” This can typically be located on the underside of the scanner.

4. An in-depth description of the problem you are experiencing, including the steps you took following up to the occurrence of the problem (e.g. When the scanner disconnected).

5. Your preferred contact method (e.g. email, phone)