How to pair a Scanfob Brand Bluetooth barcode scanner with a BlueSnap adapter

When purchasing these two devices to be used together (such as the Nikon solution), Serialio will normally pre-pair them so that when you receive them, they will be ready to go. However, if you need to pair a Scanfob and BlueSnap that were not purchased at the same time, this article is for you! In the content below, we demonstrate how to pair a Bluetooth barcode scanner (such as the Scanfob 2006) with a BlueSnap Bluetooth to RS232 adapter using SerialMagic Gears for Android.

Note: SerialMagic Gears is used for this tutorial, the BlueSnap Setup feature is available in all Serialio applications for Android that include the Serial Device Manager (SDM). e.g. SerialMagic Gears, Mobile Grid, iScanBrowser, stratus-io Time and Attendance include the SDM. You can tell if the app you’re using includes the SDM by noticing the SDM icon on the app’s main view

About SerialMagic Gears’ BlueSnap Setup Feature

With SerialMagic Gears’ BlueSnap Setup feature, pairing your Scanfob and BlueSnap adapter is easier than ever. Follow the steps below.

1. Launch SerialMagic Gears.

2. Access the Serial Device Manager (SDM).

You can access the SDM by tapping on the SDM icon at the top of the main SerialMagic Gears view or by tapping the “Options” button, then tapping on “Device Manager.”

3. Tap on the Shortcut Menu icon (three vertical dots at the top right-hand corner of the SDM view).

4. Tap on “BlueSnap Setup.”

Select Your Scanfob

The first step in the BlueSnap Setup process is to select your Scanfob to SerialMagic Gears.

1. Make sure your Scanfob is in SPP (Serial Port Profile)

2. Make your Scanfob discoverable and connectable by either holding down the small function button for 2-4 seconds or by scanning the “Make Discoverable & Connectable” barcode from the Quick Start Guide.

3. From SerialMagic Gears, tap on “Choose Device.”

4. Then, tap on your Scanfob’s Bluetooth name when it appears in the discovered devices list.

5. If your Scanfob requires a PIN code to authenticate with, type it into the space beneath “PIN.” The default PIN code for most Serialio devices is either “0000” or “1234.”

6. Tap “Next.”

Select Your BlueSnap

The next step is to select your BlueSnap device to pair with the Scanfob.

1. Power on your BlueSnap by holding down the power button until you see the LEDs light up.

2. Next, tap on “Choose Device.”

3. Tap on your BlueSnap’s Bluetooth name when you see it appear in the discovered devices list.

4. SerialMagic Gears will notify you upon successfully pairing the Scanfob and BlueSnap.