Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Attendance Database Setup

This series is for our customers using Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Attendance for IEEE PES. This article demonstrates how to properly prepare your databases for a new event.

1. Log into your administrator account at

2. Remove any old files that you no longer need.

3. Make sure that your Event Attendee and Session List Databases abide by the following rules:

→ Colum headers for the Event Attendee Database should be: SignupMenmberID, Attendee Type, Role Type, Badge#, Registration Status, Attended ?, Approval Status, Expiration Date, Sort Last Name, First/Given Name, Middle Initial, Last/Family/Surname, Badge Name, Company Name, Position/Title, Street Address, Street Address (cont.), City, State/Province, State if Other, Zip/Postal, County, Address is, Primary Email, Secondary Email, Work Phone, Fax, IEEE Member?, IEEE Member Grade, IEEE Membership Number, IEEE PES Member?, IEEE SA Member?, Membership Type, 123Signup, membership_number, Net Purchase, Net Adjsutment, Net Payment, Due, etc.

→ Column headers for the Session List database should be: DATE, ROOM, START_TIME, LAPSE1, LAPSE2, SUBGROUP_ID, NAME, EMAIL1, EMAIL2, and EMAIL3

​Note: Column headers described here specifically pertain to the 123Signup service. Integration with other attendance solutions (e.g. OHSU, AECOM, etc.) is available. Contact for more information.

→ Make sure that all Excel database files have “Sheet1” as the sheet name.

→ Make sure that the “Badge#” column in the Event Attendee database is cleared.

→ Remove any blank rows.

The 123 Signup system will sometimes output blank rows in the Excel database, it’s critical that you remove these blank rows prior to uploading the files to

4. After making sure your database files meet the criteria above, upload them to your Cloud-In-Hand® account.