Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Attendance NFC Association

This article is part of a series of support guides for our customers using Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Attendance for IEEE PES. Here, our team at Serialio demonstrates how to use the NFC Association feature of Mobile Attendance for Android.

This article assumes the following:

  • Your databases are up-to-date and uploaded to your Cloud-In-Hand® account.
  • You have the Mobile Attendance application for Android installed.
  • You are logged into the Mobile Attendance application.
  • You’ve already paired with any RFID or barcode readers.

Prepare for NFC Association

1. From within the Mobile Attendance application, tap on NFC Association (located on the sidebar menu).

2. Select the attendee database for the event by tapping on the database icon located at the top of the NFC Association view.

Begin Associating NFC Tags with Attendees

Once the database loads, you’ll see the screen below and you can start the NFC association for the first attendee.

1. Scan the barcode for the first attendee.

You must scan the attendee’s barcode ID first, then the NFC tag you want to associate with that attendee. If you make a mistake, that’s OK. Simple associate the NFC tag again—Mobile Attendance will ask you to confirm that you want to re-associate the NFC tag.

2. After you scan the attendee’s barcode, Mobile Attendance will prompt for you to scan the NFC tag to associate with that attendee. Go ahead and scan the NFC tag with either the Android’s built-in NFC reader or (preferably) the connected NFC reader.

3. After you’ve associated the NFC tag with the attendee, you’ll be able to see the updated progress of the event (shown in the image below).

Upload Event NFC Associations to Cloud-In-Hand®  

Once you’ve completed the NFC associations for the event, tap on the upload to cloud icon.

Mobile Attendance will ask you to confirm that you want to upload the associations to Cloud-In-Hand®—tap YES.

Important Note—ALL devices used for attendance MUST quit and re-launch Mobile Attendance in order to sync with the attendance database after uploading the NFC associations.