Bluetooth SPP Setup for OS X

Configure a Bluetooth scanner on OS X for use with SerialMagic.

This document is relevant for using a LaserChamp or Flic barcode scanner on OS X with SerialMagic LC, or using SerialMagic Pro with a 3rd party Bluetooth barcode scanner on OS X such as the HHP IT5260.

Note: SerialMagic Pro for OS X provides Bluetooth device setup for the LaserChamp scanner directly from the SerialMagic Pro application.

When using a Mac without built-in Bluetooth, you should use an Apple approved Bluetooth USB adaptor.

OS X 10.4 Tiger provides an easier to use Bluetooth utility than previous versions of OS X.

This document will outline the steps to use the LaserChamp™ and Flic® Bluetooth barcode scanners, however these instructions are similar for virtually any Bluetooth device that uses the Bluetooth Serial Port Protocol (SPP). These instructions are also relevant when using most Bluetooth barcode scanners on OS X when the Bluetooth scanner supports the SerialPort Profile.

Bluetooth – System Preferences

1) Open System Preferences and click on Bluetooth in the Hardware category.

2) Click “Setup new device” to create a new Bluetooth connection. Click “Continue” from the screen shown (see below).

3) Select “Any device” and click “Continue” from the next screen shown (see below).

4) Activate the LaserChamp scanner by pressing the scan button. The LED on the scanner should perform two (2) quick blinks per second to indicate the Bluetooth radio is active. Once the LaserChamp shows up in the Bluetooth Setup Assistant, click on the entry in the list to highlight it and click “Continue”.

5) From the next dialog (shown below) select “Use a specific passkey” and click OK.

5) For LaserChamp & Flic scanners, enter 0000 for the passkey when prompted as shown below. For other scanners see scanner documentation for Bluetooth passkey.

6) You should then see a screen similar to the one below. Click OK.

7) The LaserChamp should then be shown as a trusted device in the “Devices” tab similar to that shown below.

8) On the screen above insure LaserChamp is highlighted and click on “Edit Serial Ports” You can accept the default name or provide your own name for the Bluetooth Serial Port. Also insure that “RS-232” is selected for “Port type:” and “Spp” is the “Device service:” entry.

Note: Then name used here will be the name selected from the “Serial Port:” selection of SerialMagic.

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