How to submit a log for SerialMagic Professional for Windows

This support article will walk you through how to submit a log from SerialMagic Professional for Windows. For the purposes of this tutorial, we used SerialMagic Professional version on a Windows 10 computer.

If you are having problems with SerialMagic Professional for Windows, please contact the Serialio support team. Include the following information:

  • SerialMagic Professional version number (e.g. “”)
  • Windows version (e.g. “Windows 7”)
  • Order number
  • Device/scanner model (e.g. “Scanfob 2006”)
  • Your use case-scenario (e.g. “data is sent into a spreadsheet”)

Clear the Log

1. Launch SerialMagic Professional. 2. Click on “Application Settings.” 3. Click on the tab labeled “Log.” 4. Click on “Clear Log.” 5. You will receive a notification stating that the log has been cleared. Click “OK.”

Reproduce the Issue

1. Close the “Application Settings” window.
2. Repeat the steps that you made before the issue occurred previously,
3. After reproducing the issue or error, continue on to the “Send the Log” section of this article.

Send the Log

1. Click on “Application Settings.” 2. Click on the tab labeled “Log.” 3. Click on “Send Log.” 4. Enter in the password given to you by a Serialio technician. If you have not received the log password, see our section on contacting the Serialio support team regarding issues with SerialMagic Professional for Windows.