Eliminate Data Entry Errors

Accuracy in data entry could be one of the most important tasks anyone does within a business. Eliminate Data Entry Errors & Improve Speed. Fast ROI drives sales, marketing, accounting, and every aspect of your business. In an AIIM study in 2014, 68% of businesses believed that “business-at-the-speed-of-paper” is unacceptable and almost half stated that removing paper from most of their business processes has been the single, most effective improvement to productivity. Even though data entry is of the utmost importance, many businesses are still manually entering data.

However, this opens companies up to problems.

“In an AIIM study in 2014, … almost half [of businesses] stated that removing paper from most of their business processes has been the single most effective improvement to productivity”

Manual Data Entry Challenges

When doing anything manually, it opens the process up to fallible human error and limits. Speed, quality, and accuracy are just a few factors that are constantly set back by manually entering data.  Here are some of the most detrimental effects of manual data entry:

Eliminate Data Entry Errors – Human Error

Human Error: In late 2017,  the state of Virginia had a very rare occurrence. When electing the representative for their 94th District, the state held a recount. The recount led to the discovery of a ballot that was weirdly marked. This then resulted in the election ending in a tie and being decided by pulling a name from a hat. Few people can type a sentence without a typo.   However, when we blow up the scale from “sentences” to “books”, we are vulnerable to thousands of the typos.  In terms of data entry, these typos would create unreliable data. These errors stem from numerous problems, such as illegible handwriting, inadequate training, or incorrect formatting.   Businesses need to correct these errors or continue to make flawed business decisions on incorrect data. RFID data entry is over 10,000 times more accurate when compared to keyboard data entry. 

Haste Makes Waste? – Get Speed With No Errors

Speed: Although accuracy is important, speed is also just as important.   In the modern era and the introduction of the 10-key number pad on keyboards, a good speed for transferring data entry from paper is between 10,000 – 12,000 keystrokes per hour. However, obtaining and maintaining this speed is virtually impossible by a human. Using technology allows us to speed up processes without neglecting accuracy.

Demands Human Resources: Business Human Resources are limited to the number of employees you have. The number of employees you have is then limited by the cash flow of the business. Thus, the way your employees spend their time is the most important resource for your company. When doing manual data entry, you are using those human resources which could be doing more productive business activities.

It Pays Fast To Eliminate Data Entry Errors

Return-on-Investment: Hand-in-hand with the previous two problems, the ROI with manual data entry is very low compared to using a technological solution. As stated, manual data entry takes human resources and time. With a technological solution, not only can you lower costs, but you can work quickly.

The situation for these error-prone businesses seems bleak.

Luckily for businesses, there are ways to solve these problems without breaking the bank.

Solutions with Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Workforce

Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Workforce is an easy, cost-efficient way to element errors with manual data entry. Whether it be attendance, mustering, or just scanning barcodes, Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Workforce can be customized to fit your needs. By using NFC technology such as the idChamp® brand NF4x, RS3x, RS4x NFC Readers, along with Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Workforce application, companies will be able to gain a much better perspective on their data, all while reducing the time and cost.

“By using NFC technology such as the idChamp® RS3 NFC Reader, along with the Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Workforce application, companies will be able to gain a much better perspective on their data, all while reducing the time and cost.”

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