RFID-UHF Instant Attendance Check-in from 6 Feet (2 Meters) Integrated Reader/Antenna

stratus-io RFID-UHF Attendance Check-in is fast and simple.

Instantly see the person who’s checking in on iPad, or use iPhone or iPod Touch, Android table, Android Phone, Android media player.

Standard CR80 sized employee UHF-RFID badge can be ready easily from 6 feet (2 meters) and more as desired
(…or reduce the power of the UHF RFID reader to require the badge to be closer before it can be read).

Contact cloud-in-hand support for information on how to setup the easiest and fastest attendance solution every invented, the competition watches closely and are always trying to catch-up. Get setup and running in less than one day.

Videos show the idChamp Ultra-5109 RS-232 UHF RFID reader with integrated antenna, connected to Android or iOS using BlueSnap M6A dongle.