BlueSnap M6A RS232 Adapter Mode Change BLE/HID

BlueSnap M6A wireless RS-232 adapter by default ships in BLE mode.

To change BlueSnap M6A to HID mode (keyboard simulation), the M6A must have the BLE-HID firmware option installed at purchase.

To change the BlueSnap M6A wireless mode, you use yACK BLE app on Android or iOS.
Note M6A Bluetooth RS-232 adapter works on Windows 10, Windows 11, and MacOS, but mode change must be done with yACK BLE.

Load the yACK BLE app from or Play.


Connect the M6A to yACK BLE, Tap 3-Dot menu > Set Wireless Mode


Tap the desired wireless mode to set the BlueSnap M6A.
Note: Choose “HID iOS” mode for Android HID, and for MacOS HID (keyboard simulation modes)


When the BlueSnap M6A is in HID mode, the orange LED will blink simultaneous with the green LED.



Tap as shown below 1 and 2, then Set Wireless Mode