How To Pick RFID-NFC Chip Type: iPhone11 SLIX2 vs NTAG213 Tiny NFC

How do you know what RFID-NFC chip model-type to use for your NFC project?

There are hundreds of models, some more popular shown below.

What read & write range is needed?
What material will RFID-NFC tag be applied to, or inserted in?
How much data needs to be stored?
What read & write speed is required?

Read range is often an important parameter in choosing type of RFID-NFC chip.

Video below shows the read range of NTAG213 vs SLIX2 chips in tiny rigid PCB NFC tags (4.8mm square, 1.8mm thick).
This type of tag is available in reel form for use with Pick-and-Place machines for automated assembly.
Note the NTAG chip on the left provides a 2mm read range, and the SLIX2 chip on right reads from more than 8mm (iPhone 11 case in video is 1.7mm thick, distance from case to chip exceeds 8mm)

Need direction for picking RFID-NFC chip type?
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