Eliminating Wires and Errors with the BlueSnap M6A

A food production facility on the east coast was on the hunt for a solution for their production line.
When dealing with food products, they needed to be sure that weights were properly recorded and within reasonable limits in order to proceed. Once the software was in place, the next important step was getting the right hardware. 

Manual entry is cumbersome and prone to human error. When a significant portion of the day is spent recording weights, a mistake being made doesn’t just eat up time–it costs money. With, of course, human employees they’re bound to make errors every now and again. That’s where the BlueSnap comes in. 

The BlueSnap DB9 M6A is a device that allows sending data wirelessly from a scale. It connects via RS232 and enables weight measurements to be instantly send to an Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and/or Windows PC. With multiple models available, the BlueSnap can be used in virtually every situation.

That food production facility uses the BlueSnap to wirelessly send data to their phones, where their service app is running all the time. By using the BlueSnap they have been able to save hours each day and eliminate all human data entry error from weight measurement entry. They were able to easily install the BlueSnap and it has been running for months, without issue, ever since.

Upgrading Your Experience Even Further

For an even more seamless experience, the BlueSnap can be used with the free application SerialMagic. SerialMagic is an application that runs in the background on your Android, iOS, or Windows device. This app gives you the ability to receive the data from the scale by pressing a trigger on the phone. This eliminated the need to ever walk over to your scale or press the print button once the item is on the scale.