Keeping People Safe with the idChamp® NF4 Wireless Smart Card Reader for NFC/RFID and Employee Badges

Keeping People Safe with the idChamp® NF4 Wireless Smart Card Reader for NFC/RFID and Employee Badges

Amidst this global epidemic, COVID-19, employees are beginning to return to their offices. Businesses are doing their best to implement safe social distancing and taking other precautionary measures to prevent the spread of infection. From maintaining appropriate physical distance to making sure work areas are staying clean, the first step to staying safe starts as soon as you step on site. The idChamp® NF4 Wireless Smart Card Reader is working on the front line to help businesses keep people safe. Here’s how businesses are using it:

  1. idChamp® Readers are connected to a host device wirelessly for ease of use.
    1. Cabled options are also available.
    2. Host devices range from Android tablets to iPhones, iPads, and even Windows-based devices
  2. These devices are set up in a kiosk to create a mobile terminal for check-in.
    1. Terminals can also be permanently attached to power and installed into the floor or mounted on the wall.
  3. The reader is connected to an application, like stratus-io, and configured to read any badge/smart card format.
    1. SDK/API options are available for third party integrations
    2. The idChamp® NF4 can also be used without an application
  4. Personnel approach a terminal and swipe their Smart Card
    1. Smart cards are also known as employee badges, RFID badges, access control cards, and more
    2. Readers can be easily configured to read any High Frequency and Low Frequency badget type including HID Prox, MiFare, iClass, Seos, HID Mobile Credentials and Elite Keys.
  5. The application displays information related to the personnel. This information, in addition to the check-in, are used to track who is on site at any given time. Information can be forward-facing, toward the person scanning their badge, or internal facing for a guard or someone watching the door.
    1. Other things that can also be done at a terminal like this:
      1. Track worked hours
      2. Record and validate temperature
      3. Indicate the last time their desk was cleaned
      4. Perform a wellness questionnaire
      5. And more…
  6. All of this information is instantly sent to the cloud, where admins can view reporting, receive alerts, and configure parameters (like the wellness checks).
  7. Our solution works offline and comes in a durable option as well!

We’re here to help you and your business keep your space safe for everyone. Our idChamp® NF4 is the perfect appliance for allowing your business to collect the information it needs to keep everyone safe from the moment they walk in the door. Let us be a part of your first line of defense. Contact us for more information or questions!

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