Death by Pen: Difficulties with Manual Attendance Systems

In late 2017, the state of Virginia had a very rare occurrence.
When electing the representative for their 94th District, the state held a recount.
The recount led to the discovery of a ballot that was weirdly marked.
This then resulted in the election ending in a tie and being decided by pulling a name from a hat.

When humans manually do a task, the task usually has a greater risk of error and is less time-efficient.

Many businesses, healthcare centers, and schools are still using manual attendance systems.
This puts these institutes at risk of error, being less efficient, and even litigation.

So, what are common problems with a Manual Attendance System?

To start with, it’s very time-consuming.
To manually calculate hours worked for each employee, overtime pay, blended over time, differing payroll… you get the picture.
With all of these differentiating factors, it’s hard to quickly process this somewhat easy task.

Not only does it take time, it is also prone to error.
Employees, teachers, and doctors sometimes write, well, like doctors.
Having HR deal with that can sometimes result in mistakes.

Also, accurate time and attendance records are required by law.
If there were any mistakes during recording, legal disputes can be headed your way.

But the good news is that the solution is easy and accessible.

Presenting the Solution: Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Attendance

Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Attendance is an easy, cost-efficient way to element errors with attendance situations.
Whether it be training, meetings, or events, Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Attendance can be customized to fit your needs.
By using NFC technology, along with Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Attendance application,
companies will be able to gain a much better perspective on their attendance levels, all while reducing the time and cost.

Check out this video to see it in action:

If you need more information about Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Attendance, contact a Solution Specialist today!