Bicycle vs. Racecar: The Difference Between Built-In Phone NFC Readers and the idChamp® NF2

On occasion, I enjoy riding my bicycle.
It’s very soothing to see the scenery, take in nature,
maybe even start some small talk with a neighbor.
I think I ride my bike at a pretty fast pace, but if I was in a Formula 1 race, I’m pretty sure I would need something with more power.

Sometimes, that’s exactly what we need in the workplace as well. More POWER.

When working with built-in phone NFC Readers, it can sometimes feel like you are riding a bike in a Formula 1 race.
There’s a faster solution.
Serialio provides a special NFC Reader called the idChamp® NF2.

What are the differences?

Although some people think that using the built-in phone NFC readers are cost effecient, they have a very limited use.
For instance, consider the iPhone NFC reader.
It can read only NDEF data and only from 14443 type tags.
This means tags must be written with NDEF data before use with iPhones, but the iPhone itself can’t write this data.
The physical placement of iPhone and Android NFC readers make it – typically impossible – at best – very difficult to use for kiosks.
That’s where Serialio’s idChamp® NF2 can help your business work smarter.

Serialio introduces the idChamp® NF2

The idChamp® NF2 can WRITE NDEF data to tags.
NF2 is ideal for attendance & check-in, kiosks allowing reader placement anywhere in the kiosk.
NF2 provides 4 inches of range with ICODE badges for fast and convenient check-in.
Android built-in NFC reader can read more tag types than iPhone,
but the placement of the built-in reader on the back of the phone is inconvenient for most check-in applications, and virtually impossible for use in Kiosks.

Check out this video to see it in action:

If you need more information about idChamp NF2, and other idChamp® brand readers and writers.
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