Compare FAST and HID Modes – FAST 30 times Faster

FAST vs HID Mode Makes A Difference

When you compare FAST and HID modes you find FAST is 30 times faster to connect. Keyboard HID (Human Interface Device) is a popular method of sending data from RFID, Barcode, Scales, Sensors, and such to iPads, iPhones, Android, Windows devices.

Wireless FAST mode is better for fast and reliable wireless device support.

Send Wireless Data Faster and More Reliable with FAST

SerialMagic Fast Keystroke posting from RFID-NFC Barcode scale caliper sensor iPad iPhone compare BLE and HID modes

FAST mode not only discovers faster, data also sends much faster, and is more reliable than  HID/Keyboard mode.

First, Using SerialMagic you post keystrokes from FAST devices as keystrokes to any application.  Secondly, you have the same convenience of Bluetooth keyboard mode with the benefits of FAST mode. Finally, Wireless connection is much faster and easier than wireless HID.

Compare FAST and HID modes in this video, see for yourself how much faster FAST works.

Scanfob® and idChamp® brand families of RFID-NFC, and barcode scanners support wireless FAST mode. See the idChamp NF4x for example.