Multi-Language Late Notification via SMS

Multi-Language Late Notification | SMS Late & Absent Messages

First, you have meetings and classes for people who’s parents speak different languages. Second, some parents may be illiterate, so even multi-language late notification SMS may have limited use. Third, you choose Cloud-In-Hand Time and Attendance application to solve both these issues. Next, as students are late or absent, each parent is notified in their own language about the student. Finally, illiterate parents have an MMS image component and they know when the student is late or absent. 

Alerts For Multi-Language Absent & Late SMS Notifications

First you login to your Cloud-In-Hand® Stratus-io Time & Attendance Admin account to setup multi-language Alerts. Important note: your account must have the “Multi-lingual Alerts” option to use this feature.

Second, you create a new Stratus-io Alert: Select EVENTS then ALERT CONFIGURATIONS. Next select Add New and see the “Add Alert” dialog. 

Third, you enter the Alert settings, and the message for each language supported. 

Multi Language Late Notification CIH Add Alert Late SMS Parents Both

Use this Alert settings shown above to send SMS late message.

  • First, enter the Alert name, and Alert type SMS, the Trigger is when the person checks in late.
  • Next, you setup the Alert Recipient for one parent or both parents. Each parent gets the late notification in their preferred language – Parent languages are defined in the roster.
  • Third, you pick the image you want sent with the message – this is helpful when parent(s) may have literacy issues. 
  • Finally, enter the message for each languages you want supported. Use the “Manage Contents” link.

Setup Alert Message For Each Language

Use the “Manage Contents” link to setup multi-language SMS messages, for example:

  • Arabic
    الطالب [Name] [First Name] متأخر في الفترة [Event Name]
  • Burmese / Rohingya
    [Event Name] သည် ကာလအတွင်း ညှိုးနွမ်းနေသော [Name] [First Name]ကျောင်းသားရဲ့ ကျောင်းသား
  • Dari / Farsi
    دانش آموز شما [Name] [First Name] در دوره [Event Name] دیر کرده است.
  • Pashto
    ستاسو زده کونکی [Name] [First Name] په دوره کې ستړی دی [Event Name]
  • Urdu / Hindi
    آپ کا طالب علم [Name] [First Name] مدت [Event Name] کے لحاظ سے سست روی کا شکار ہے

Assign Multi-Lingual Alert To Session, Meeting or Class

Use the multi-lingual SMS (or email) Alert by assigning it to the session, meeting, class or other Event you want notifications on.

Cloud In Hand Assign Multi Language Alert On Events SMS Late or absent

For this assignment, people checking in late (10minutes after the Event starts) will trigger the multi-lingual SMS notifications.

Multi-Lingual Messages Sent For Late & Absent

First you assign the late Alert to your Event as shown above. Second, you define a multi-language Alert for Absent notification. Third, check-in to the meeting, session, class, etc. the multi-lingual SMS messages are set. Finally, notifications are sent no matter the method of check-in.

Check-in RFID-NFC badge, iPhone Wallet, Barcode scanner, SMS

Check-in with RFID-NFC badges using the idChamp® NF4x smart card badge reader and other supported scanners. Second, people check-in with their phone or watch that have using soft credentials stored on them e.g. stored in Apple Wallet. Third, check-in is done using the Stratus-io Remote Check-in app. Finally, check-ins are done manually for people who don’t have their badge or devices. 

See one example multi-language SMS message result here:

SMS Multi Lingual Late Notification Language Dari Farsi

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