Mobile Grid Description Mode

Setup Mobile Grid Description Mode On iPhone / iPad

You setup mobile grid description mode on iPhone or iPad after installing the iOS Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid app. First you need an account on, contact serialio to get your account setup. After you have your account, now you setup the cloud account with the file to use on the mobile device(s).

Setup Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid Account Description File

You setup mobile grid description mode on iPhone or iPad after installing the iOS Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid app. First you need an account on, contact serialio to get your account setup. Next, login to your cloud-in-hand account, and upload your description file. First click DATABASE then click ITEM.
cloud-in-hand Mobile Grid Description Mode iPhone

Second, select Use FTS, Map data columns, Choose File then Upload.

cloud-in-hand Mobile Grid select file and map columns

First, you drag-and-drop the columns for the mapping you need, the asterisk fields are optional. Second when your item-number / product-number are used for scan code you map like shown below. Third when you use upc for scan code you will map “Scan-Code” to the upc header of your file. Finally, for simplicity only two columns are mapped for this example. 

Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid Setup Database Item Field Mapping

Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid Setup Database Field Mapping done

After you’ve mapped the columns then Submit, and you should see “Database file uploaded successful.” Remember after the file is mapped, you upload new file changes without mapping, as long as file format does not change. Finally note you must have unique values in your file for all entries in the column mapped for scan lookup. The upload will reject the file if there are duplicates and will notify you of some duplicate information.

Setup iPhone / iPad Account To Use Mobile Grid Description File

First you enter the user account information in Mobile Grid app on iOS device. Tap the 3-bar menu, tap Application Settings, tap Cloud-In-Hand Account.

Mobile Grid iPhone cloud-in-hand account information

Second you tap Mobile Grid in the GRID MODE SETTINGS section and select Description.

iOS Mobile Grid Mode Selection View

Third, when changing to Description mode you get notification that a database is needed,  tap Open MyData Manager

Mobile Grid iPhone Description Database Needed

In MyData Manager: First tap Download for a list of databases on the server. Second tap to the right the database you want to download. Third tap Download again.

Mobile Grid iOS Mobile Grid MyData Manager Server Databases database selected

You now have the database on the Mobile Grid app on your iPhone/iPad. Note the checkmark next to the database goes away after the download. Next tap the database name and tap Use for Description.

Mobile Grid iPhone MyData Manager use for description

Now you be prompted to select what column headers to use for the grid view.

Mobile Grid iOS Description Mode MyData Manager Select Headers

Tap Use DB Columns unless you want to specify your own column names.


Use Mobile Grid On iPhone or iPad

You now use Mobile Grid Description Mode on your iPhone or iPad. First connect your Scanfob® brand or other supported barcode or RFID or NFC reader. You can also use the built-in camera on iPhone and iPad. Also use the built-in NFC on the iPhone. Scan your items and they are added to the grid.

iOS Mobile Grid Description Item Scanned added to grid


Prompting For Quantity On Scan With Mobile Grid

When you want to prompt or quantity in Mobile Grid  Description Mode, add a quantity or qty column. (case is ignored) There are two ways, first you add quantity column to you Description file. Second option is you add column manually in Mobile Grid. 

Mobile Grid iPhone Grid Column Headers add quantityNext, when you scan you’ll be prompted for quantity.

Mobile Grid iPhone Prompt for quantity after scan

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