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Your Mobile Grid Solutions TX-RAMP Certified.

Why you have Mobile Solutions TX-RAMP Certified.

First, TX-RAMP Texas Risk and Authorization Management Program results from the passage of Texas Senate Bill 475. Second, the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) requires establishment of  “a standardized approach for security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring of cloud computing services that process the data of a state agency”. This includes institutions of higher education and public colleges.

Third, Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid Solutions Platform is TX-RAMP Certified. Finally, you let us improve your Texas University mobile scanning solutions – as we are doing for other departments in the TX education system. 

What is Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid Solutions Platform

First your mobile RFID-NFC-Barcode solutions run on the Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid Solutions Platform. Secondly, custom business rules for your solution are quickly implemented by an expert team, you are amazed at how easy to use your solution is. Thirdly, Architecture is designed from the ground-up for online and offline expediency of your solution.

What Kinds Of Solutions Are Implemented

First, you ask what kinds of solutions do you implement with the Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid Solutions Platform? 

Next, you see here some of the types of solutions successfully implemented for years:

  • Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) for world’s largest association of technical professionals with instant quorum notification
  • Delivery tracking for order fulfillment insures all items of proper type delivered with optional location mapping
  • Meal tracking for schools, company lunch rooms, and association events
  • Food manufacturing control insures exact batch recipe measurements
  • Automated stockroom reordering when parts fall below specified thresholds
  • Distribution sales representative mobile ordering for foods, pet supplies, jewelry and more
  • Oil equipment and materials inspection and maintenance tracking
  • Health research experiment tracking
  • On-site employee, contractor, visitor tracking
  • Mobile medical device field inventory consignment, tracking and management

Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid Solution Framework iOS Android

Finally, you Contact us about your solution needs, we help lots of people like you with their solutions
Hardware and Software for Your Mobile Solutions

First, you improve your Mobile Solutions (TX-RAMP Certified) with Using Scanfob®, and idChamp® brand RFID, NFC, and Barcode scanning hardware. Next, consider which keyfob sized Scanfob UHF and NFC RFID readers, and barcode readers best match your mobile solution needs. Finally, you are confident knowing value and ease-of-use are unmatched, and you know thousands like them are in proven use for years.