Mobile Order and Field Sales Solution

Customer: A-Train Inc./ Rain Jewelry Collection

Solution Components: Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Order, Scanfob® Brand Laser Barcode Scanner

Background Information: A-Train Inc. is a fashion jewelry wholesaler and is the parent company to Rain Jewelry Collection. In the last five years, our business has grown leaps and bounds as many people shifted their focus from precious metals to fashion jewelry. With so many competitors out there, we have set our business apart from others by providing exceptional customer service, offering quality jewelry at affordable prices, and seeking new technologies to improve our customers experience when shopping with us.

Business Need: We needed a tool to take orders at trade shows, at sales meetings, and in our warehouse while working with suppliers. We started out three years ago with a handheld data collector that required uploading to a laptop computer after each order. The set-up was bulky and required additional paperwork. Furthermore, we had to format each order using Excel before we could send invoices to our customers and process their orders. As technology has evolved and our business grew, we saw a need to improve our mobile order taking capabilities. Our ideal application would allow us to scan our product barcodes, select a quantity, provide a list of our customers, and enable an order copy to be processed instantly and transmitted to our warehouse wirelessly.

Solution: Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Order provided a simple workflow in which we could customize our order processes. Serialio took our list of requirements and applied them to their Mobile Order Setup Profile (MOSP) – the framework for their Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Order app.  This customization resulted in a scalable application that could be edited to the needs of our business.  For example, if we changed the price of an item, added a new product, or connected with a new client, we would be able to edit our database to reflect those changes accordingly.  Their app, coupled with the Scanfob® Barcode Scanner, created the perfect solution for scanning and recording our inventory and order log. has been a pleasure to work with and has responded to all of our questions and concerns along the way. They even rushed our set up to meet a tight deadline for an upcoming show.


Increased Mobility
The portability of our Bluetooth wireless Scanfob® barcode scanners allows us the freedom to move around our tradeshow booth, in our retail environments, or even in our warehouse.

Improved Servicing
We can provide better service to our customers as our workflow has shifted from manually writing down customer and order information, to an interactive application that our customers are able to engage with. Our clients can peruse the catalog feature of the app and select their desired items, or they can view their past orders to select products.  Additionally, we can search for past customers in the app database and load their information in just a few taps. We can even see if they have approved credit terms with our company.

Increased Efficiency and Turnaround Times
In the past, we would receive orders from trade shows and appointments only when our sales representatives returned to their offices.  Now, with the Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Order app, we are able to send and receive orders as soon as they are created. This feature allows us to provide faster processing and shipping times and does not create a backup from an influx of show orders.  We can also now provide customers with an e-mailed copy of their order invoice even before they leave our booth. Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Order has made us the talk of the show. Customers love the speed and efficiency of placing their orders through the mobile app, and other vendors are always intrigued at how we can create and process our orders so quickly and easily.


Ease of Use
The Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Order interface is very easy to use. A quick five-minute tutorial explains all the questions that any user may have! The apps intuitiveness and fast speed ultimately allow us to process more orders with less work.