Serialio Delivers Bin Tracking Solution to Ripple Glass

Recently Ripple Glass launched a brand new commercial program, teaming up with local bars, restaurants, and breweries to help recycle more of Kansas City’s glass. When a new business signs up they receive either 64 or 96-gallon roll carts to fill with glass before their weekly pickup. Each bin has an embedded passive UHF (ultra-high frequency) RFID tag for inventory tracking and route tracking. As this program expanded, we needed a solution for scanning each RFID t ag into our routing program.

The Customer

The Kansas City region needed a better glass recycling solution – Ripple Glass provides over 100 drop-off locations make recycling easy and convenient. Our processing facility and partner companies keep it local. It all adds up to less waste, more energy-efficient solutions, a better environment, and a stronger local economy.

The Challenge

Since each bin already had a UHF RFID inlay built-in, Ripple needed a solution for drivers to scan each bin quickly, efficiently, and without error. The goal was for the driver picking up the bins, to scan the UHF tag/chip and log its connection to each business. Integrated into Ripple’s routing app, it would allow Ripple’s logistics team to monitor driver progress and efficiency on their route.

The Solution’s SerialMagic Keys keyboard for Android runs on an Invengo’s XC-1003 mobile phone with a built-in ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID scanner. SerialMagic Keys includes an RFID trigger options allowing the driver to scan each bin in seconds. This solution enables Ripple to streamline the pick-up and reporting process which will further help their mission to recycle more glass faster. Thank you!