SerialMagic Increases Efficiency up to 300%

I recently purchased SerialMagic Professional for my Samsung SCH-i760 smart phone with Windows Mobile 6.1. I can not express in words how grateful I was to find

After a substantial investment in time and money on the Intermec SF51 cordless scanner and charger, I was dismayed to find that it would not pair with my mobile device. I spent hours pouring through complicated Intermec manuals and on the phone with Intermec customer support. While courteous and willing to be of service, Intermec technical support simply had no idea even how to begin addressing my pairing problems. The company is simply not accustomed to dealing with folks trying to link their scanners to smart phones, PDAs, etc. I thought my endeavor was doomed to failure and was very close to cutting my losses and giving up when I discovered Serialio.

Within a few moments of explaining my plight, Serialio technical support understood and diagnosed my problem. Ten minutes later, they had my scanner paired with my phone and I was scanning barcodes. I can not over exaggerate my jubilation. Yesterday, I purchased the touchscreen edition of SerialMagic Professional and put my SF51 to work scanning large batches of UPC labels to my phone. I reckon that my efficiency increased by 200-300%! Serialio really saved my butt on this one!