Active RFID Tags Temperature-Sensing Android

We recently implemented a prototype for a cold-chain management and food traceability system using temperature-sensing RFID sensor. helped us put the solution together. The system keeps track of the temperature and location of each tag, and uploads them to a server which is accessible from the internet. We used the Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid app running on an Android phone to upload the data. The solution was cutting-edge in that used pre-production samples of temperature-sensing RFID tags from Wavetrend, a UK-based RFID company.

Beyond the fact that the solution worked flawlessly, I want to highlight the truly outstanding service we got from They made software changes to the Mobile Grid app without having access to the RFID parts, simply working off of data sheets from Wavetrend. When the parts arrived from the UK, they worked over the weekend to iron out the last-minute glitches and get the software to read and display the data in the correct format. A custom version of the app was delivered to us to work with our new RFID tags. Our demo was highly successful, and we owe a great deal to’s dedication and enthusiasm. has the repertory of components and know-how to help you build a solution for your specific RFID needs. But it is their service and willingness to invest in your success that truly sets them apart!

[Note: This solution can also be provided on iOS, OS X, Windows, Windows Phone, and more]