iScanBrowser Triggers (iOS)

iScanBrowser triggers allow you to map a specific button (either in the floating taskbar or floating) to trigger a read action to the associated barcode scanner, RFID scanner, or UniMag reader. The floating trigger can also be assigned to trigger a read from the iOS CoreNFC reader. To access iScanBrowser’s trigger settings, navigate to iScanBrowser’s settings page by tapping on the gear icon located on the floating taskbar.

iScanBrowser for iOS

Then locate the subsection labeled “Triggers Scanner Setup.”

iScanBrowser for iOS

About the Triggers

Trigger #1 — RFID

Trigger #1 can be assigned to any paired RFID scanner. When the trigger button is tapped, it will trigger the RFID reader to attempt to read nearby tags.

Trigger #2 — Barcode

Trigger #2 can be assigned to any paired barcode scanner. When the trigger button is tapped, it will trigger the barcode scanner to emit its laser (read a barcode).

Floating Trigger — Any

The floating trigger (named as such because it is displayed as a floating, draggable button) can be assigned to

  • Any paired barcode scanner
  • Any paired RFID scanner
  • Compatible UniMag readers
  • The native CoreNFC NDEF reader (supported iPhone/iPad models only)
iScanBrowser for iOS

Trigger Locations

Trigger #1 and Trigger #2 are located on the floating taskbar (when enabled) and the floating trigger — aptly named — is a floating button. Note that the floating trigger is only visible when it is enabled and associated with a device or the native NFC reader.

iScanBrowser for iOS

Trigger Constant Read Mode

Press and hold on any of the trigger buttons (then agree to the prompt) to toggle constant read mode.

iScanBrowser for iOS