Android NFC Connect Bluetooth Scanner

Use Android NFC to Connect Bluetooth Scanner. How to use Android‘s built-in NFC sensor to pair with a Bluetooth scanner that has an embedded NFC chip with it’s MAC address stored in the NDEF data (such as the Scanfob 2006). Tip —  You can enable this feature with any BLE scanner by writing the scanner’s MAC address to the NDEF data of an NFC chip.

1. Navigate to the Serial Device Manager (SDM).


2. Tap on the options menu button (the three vertical dots button at the top right-hand corner of the SDM view).

Android NFC Connect Bluetooth Scanner via Android built in NFC

3. Select Connect BLE via NFC chip.

This brings you to the NFC Connect view (see image below).

4. Make sure the scanner is discoverable and connectable and tap SELECT KNOWN BLUETOOTH ADDRESS, then tap on the device to connect with using the NFC tag.

5. Place the NFC chip beneath the Android device’s NFC sensor.

The SDM will use the data on the NFC chip to immediately pair with the scanner (no Bluetooth discovery necessary). 

Video below shows Android NFC Connect Bluetooth Scanner.