idChamp NF4x Post Correct RFID Badge Value

Setup the idChamp® NF4x to post correct RFID badge value

Post value printed on RFID badge using idChamp NF4SDM NF4 Menu PAC Profiles 400w

You use the NF4x SDM PAC Wizard to get the correct RFID badge value to post to your iOS application. You scan a badge, but the RFID-NFC value posted is not the value printed on the card. This post shows you how to get the correct value using the idChamp NF4x wireless mobile badge reader.

You use the SDM (Serial Device Manager) PAC wizard to setup idChamp NF4x (This works for NF4x Smart Mode models only) to setup the idChamp® brand NF4x post the correct RFID badge value. Use Serial Device Manager (SDM) on iOS and Android. You see iOS on this page example.

Note: You setup the NF4x to post the correct badge value with the PAC* Wizard. The CSN/PAC post format automatically changes from DEC to HEX (default). DEC (decimal), is the required setting for PAC data.

Video below shows setup example using the iOS PAC wizard in stratus-io app. The SDM works same in all apps like iScanBrowser, SerialMagic, Mobile Grid.

The SDM settings also provides many other powerful setting options not shown in this post. Contact for more details. If you want this feature in your 3rd party app, contact to see how.  idChamp® is a registered trademark of Serialio Ltd. *What is PAC?