How to Setup Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Attendance

This article is part of a series of support guides for our customers using Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Attendance for IEEE PES. Here, our team at Serialio demonstrates how to login to your Cloud-In-Hand® account and set up Mobile Attendance for Android.

Log Into Your Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Attendance Account

Mobile Attendance will ask you to login to your account immediately after launching the application.

1. Enter your username and password. Make sure to log into your user account and not the administrator account. Administrator accounts are intended to manage the Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Attendance account and cannot login to any of the mobile applications.


2. After you enter your username and password, tap OK. Mobile Attendance will then download any databases associated with your account automatically.


Switch Cloud-In-Hand® Accounts

If you need to switch accounts, you have two options—(1) quit and relaunch the Mobile Attendance application or (2) use the Login option from the sidebar menu.