How to modify scan data with SerialMagic Gears

SerialMagic Gears allows you to modify scanned in data in several different ways. This article shows you how to setup scan modification and scan filtering.

Scan Modification 

SerialMagic Gears’ scan modification feature allows you to “clip” scanned in data from the beginning or end of each scan. To start using SerialMagic Gears’ Scan Modification feature, follow the steps below!

1. Tap on “Scan Modification Settings” from the sidebar menu.

2. Tap on the checkbox to the far-right of “Clip scan data” to enable it.

3. Tap on either “Clip at start” or “Clip at end” (depending on what you want to accomplish) and fill in the number of character you want SerialMagic Gears to remove from each scan.

Scan Data Character Substitution 

SerialMagic Gears’ character substitution feature allows you to replace an existing character in the data with a user-defined character, real-time. For example, you can set all occurrences of “a” to be replaced by “#” or all occurrences of “0” to be replaced by “L.”

1. To access the Scan Substitution Settings, navigate to SerialMagic Gears’ settings. Then tap on the slider to the far-right of “Scan Data Character Substitution” to enable this feature.

2. Tap on the first section labeled “Substitute scan data character from” to select the character to be replaced. 

3. Then, tap on the section labeled “Substitute scan data characters to” to select the character to replace the character you selected in the first section.

Scan Filtering 

The scan filtering system allows you to define how you want SerialMagic Gears to process duplicate data. To start using the Scan Filtering System, follow the instructions below.

1. Tap on “Scan filter Settings” from the sidebar menu.

2. Tap on the checkbox to the far-right of either “Never post duplicate” to filter out all duplicate scans or “See as new” to allow duplicate scans always or only after a specified number of seconds.

Filter Specific RFID Tags

To filter out specific RFID/NFC tags, use the second section of the Scan Filter Settings view.

1. To enable tag this filtering option, tap on “Tag Filters Mode” and select either “Mode: Ignore” (to specify tags to ignore) or “Mode: Allow start with” to filter out ALL tags except those that start with a specified prefix.

2. Once you select a mode, tap on “Tag Filters Tables” to configure the tag values to accept/ignore. For this tutorial, we select the “Ignore” mode.

3. Tap on the plus icon at the bottom right-hand corner to add a tag value (in our case, to ignore).

4. Fill in the tag value (in this case, to ignore). 

5. In the image below, you can see what a specified tag value looks like in the Tag Filters Table.

Note: To remove a tag, tap on the minus symbol to the far-right of the tag value you wish to delete.

6. To add already-scanned tag values to the ignore list, check the checkbox to the left of “Add tags read to this IGNORE list.”