Stay on Time: Custom Timeclock Management Solution with Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Grid

Any business will tell you that they want their employees to be productive.
This usually means that employees need to be on time to work and allocate their working hours correctly.
But how can HR track all of that data?
Timeclock Management is a problem that every business faces.

Check out this simple solution!

Cloud-in-Hand® Timeclock Management Solution

Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Solution is a scalable platform that is tailored to improve your business workflow.
The Timeclock Management solution is one of the many solutions that are provided with Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Solution Platform.
This simple solution allows you to satisfy a crucial demand of HR: timeclocking and task tracking.
However, it allows you the flexibility to collect and process all of this data even in remote sites, trainings, and events.
Check out this video to see it in action:

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