Wireless RS-232 Scale On MacOS Post Keystrokes

Wireless RS-232 Scale With Your Current Scale

You connect your RS-232 scale with BlueSnap M6A, now you have a Wireless RS-232 Scale On MacOS. First you get the optional HID wireless keyboard firmware option for the BlueSnap M6A. Next you post weight readings as keystrokes to all MacOS apps that allow typed input, without special software. Third, the BlueSnap M6A serial dongle connects wirelessly eliminating cables between your scale and Mac. Finally you transmit data up to 30 feet (10 meters) between scale and Mac giving you great portability.

No special software is needed since the scale connects like a wireless keyboard post to any MacOS application.

Post weight readings to browser, webpage, spreadsheet, database, remote connection, any app you need.

Also works with NFC-RFID & barcode readers that post ASCII data.

You also use with your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Make your current cabled RS-232 scale, a Wireless RS-232 Scale On MacOS today.