Emergency Headcount for Employees, Students, & more

Emergency event participants use stratus-io: Remote Check-In application to check-in from anywhere. Ensures fast, easy and accurate emergency headcounts. People check-in using their mobile phones or tablets. Many more check-in methods are also supported.

During the emergency, your organization people themselves safe with a tap and allow emergency captains to know who is and isn’t accounted for. GPS coordinates are sent with check-ins to allow emergency captains to see where everyone is checking in from.

stratus-io: Remote Check-In is equipped with a secure 2D barcode (QR Code) for check-in with our stratus-io kiosk app. Users can also directly message managers responsible for safety to ensure they are up to date on your situation.

stratus-io is a hybrid emergency headcount solution for workforce management, educational institutions, and events that allows you to configure and collect data in a way that matters to you and your business.

Emergency Headcount remote check in app