Moving Fast With Accuracy: Using IScanBrowser to Get The Most Out of Your Web Applications

Working quickly is a key part to most of our everyday lives.
Deadlines upon deadlines fill our calendars with demands of working quickly.
However, with speed comes the risk of inaccuracy.
When using mobile businesses processes, you can run into this risk as well.
So how can we utilize the power of mobile web apps and at the same time reduce the risk of bad data-entry?

Serialio’s iScanBrowser is here to save you time and lower risk.

Serialio’s Serial Device Manager

The Serial Device Manager serves as a middle man.
It provides integrated connectivity for data collection peripherals such as sensors, barcode scanners, and RFID readers.
If you want more information on the Serial Device Manager, click this link after your done.

However, iScanBrowser can do more.

The Power of Web Rules

Setting customized WebForm Rules is simple with iScanBrowser’s WebForm Rule Creation Wizard.
The tool walks you through the process, which makes it simple to create WebForm Rules applicable to your needs.
First, browse to the page you want to create the rule for in iScanBrowser.
Once you have arrived, go into the settings and then into Edit Webform Rules.
Here you can create a New Rule with the wizard.
Once the wizard starts doing its magic, you will just need to select what it prompts you to do.

Check out this video to see it in action:

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