Integration:’s Serial Device Manager (SDM)

According to the dictionary, to integrate means to combine (one thing) with another so they become a whole.
You can infer from that definition that if you fail to integrate you do not have a whole, instead you have… a hole.
Bad puns aside, many businesses find it hard to integrate.
Whether it be new devices or new personnel, businesses often struggle to create that whole.

So how can we integrate devices into our businesses?

The Rise of Mobile and Bluetooth

Business and business systems are constantly moving to mobile.
Taking business to mobile makes it more accessible and convenient.
However, integrating other devices with your mobile business can cause some problems.
Most rely on Bluetooth, which is common, but sometimes does not work with apps and mobile operating systems.

This is where Serialio comes in.

The Power of Serial Device Manager

Serialio’s Serial Device Manager is the middleman you need.
It gives you the ability to integrate Bluetooth devices with apps that lack the capability.

Check out this video to see it in action:

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