iPhone Built-in NFC Reader Wireless Connect to Serial RS232 DEX Dongle

How do you easily connect to specific wireless device when there are many in same area?


When many wireless devices are in the same vicinity, use the Serial Device Manager (SDM) libraries and the iPhone built-in NFC reader to instantly connect to the exact specific device. Here the DEX Download app on iPhone-11 is incorporates the SDM libraries, and the “Connect via NFC” option enables you to simply hold the iPhone built-in NFC reader near the BlueSnap dongle, and get a wireless connection without guesswork or checking labels.  The wireless DEX session can then be done instantly saving time, frustration, and money.


The BlueSnap M6A  wireless dongle with the NFC Connect option can also be used to connect scales, calipers, sensors, barcode scanners, NFC readers, and other RS-232 devices to easily make them wireless.


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