Finding Pencils: Using RFID for Asset Management

Every school started the same for me.
We would go shopping the week before school start for new binders, paper, pens, and pencils (with an occasional new backpack!)
The school year would start and by October I was asking my friends to lend me their pencils.
It seems that the 10-year-old version of myself couldn’t keep track of school supplies.
But, some things never change.

Asset Management can be a hassle and can drill a hole in companies’ pockets.

Asset Tracking Problems

Let’s face it, everyone is human and forgets things.
However, through this negligence and possible theft, a company opens itself up to multiple problems.
The first and obvious one is having your costs increased.
One of the highest costs to businesses are office supplies and unnecessary neglect towards these items can cost thousands.
This in turns creates difficulty budgeting.
Other problems can be increased risks, legal liability and theft.

Serialio has created a solution to combat these problems!

Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Cloud and the idChamp® 1128

Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Cloud allows businesses to take RFID solutions and make them mobile.
It is an easy, cost-efficient way to element errors that can be caused when using manual methods.
Whether it be inventory, assets, or supplies, Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Cloud can be customized to fit your needs.
By coupling it with the idChamp® 1128, a large municipal police department used it as seen below.

Check out this video to see it in action:

If you need more information about Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Cloud, contact a Solution Specialist today!