Clone: Using the Same Solution at Mulitple Points

Every since I was young, I always though about the idea of having a clone of myself.
I could send my clone to school while I played video games all day.
And now that I am grown up, my problems have only multiplied.
Businesses everywhere face multiple problems on a daily basis.
One is taking attendance of who and where people are.

But, how can we solve the same attendance problem that we face at multiple fronts?

An integrated solution is what we need.

Attendance Problems in Business

One major metropolitan children’s hospital needed a way to track their employees attendance without interruptions to their internal processes.
The problem was they often ran multiple trainings at a time.
How can you make sure to track the location, time, and attendance at each of these simultaneously?

They needed a solution that could be easily integrated into their system, while being available in multiple locations.

Cloud-in-Hand® and the idChamp® RS3

Cloud-in-Hand is a tool that allows businesses to cut costs while increasing effeciency.
By using NFC technology, along with Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Attendance application, companies will be able to gain a much better perspective on their attendance levels, all while reducing the time and cost.
Pair this with the world’s most versatile RFID Reader, the idChamp® RS3, integration into an existing system is easy and quick.

Check out this video to see it in action:

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