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Best iPad Check-in Kiosk Fast, Easy, Flexible

Looking for the Best iPad Check-in Kiosk

Are you looking for the best iPad check-in kiosk? With stratus-io Time & Attendance you have fast, easy-to-use and flexible check-in solutions. First, you can use your iPad (or iPhone). Second, if you prefer Android tablets or phones, this also works. Finally, you may have Windows tablets or PCs you want to use, no problem. Stratus-io Time & Attendance gives you kiosk and mobile modes.

Use Current Employee Badges

Use idChamp® and Scanfob® brand RFID-NFC readers with your organization’s current employee badges. No need to buy new badges for this solution. idChamp® NF4x smart card badge reader reads every type of employee badge. Here are some of the many badge credential types supported:

  • HID, Prox, iClass, Seos
  • Honyewell, Identiv, Siemens
  • ioProx, Indala, Nexwatch, and more.

Your visitors and guests, can check-in and print QRcode badge credentials on-the-fly.

Automated Tailored Reporting

First, taylor and automate your reporting. Next, you get daily reporting emailed to you automatically. Third, you save on personnel & money, and eliminate check-in waiting times.  Next, you deploy this check-in kiosk in minutes. Finally, use stratus-io Time & Attendance for time clocking, on site check-in and headcount, contact tracing, wellness checks, emergency mustering and more. Contact us today for a demo of the best iPad check-in kiosk.