AllFlex RS420 Connect iPad/iPhone Scan Livestock Tags iOS Apps

Connect the AllFlex RS420 to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.

The RS420 is MFi (Made For iOS) device, so needs initial connect in the iOS Bluetooth app, then the iOS app connects to it once that’s done.

On power up, the RS420 auto-reconnects to the last device that it was connected to. Here we show how it’s connected first to iPhone11 then power OFF Bluetooth, press the RS420 menu button until menu appears, select “Bluetooth Settings” then “Select Device” then select the iOS device (search and connect to the iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch the first time you connect).

Select the iPad from RS420 menu, then power on iPad Bluetooth, and RS420 connects to iPad.

Here CLOUD-IN-HAND® Mobile Grid spreadsheet and data collection app is used to capture livestock tag scans from RS420.

Then SerialMagic Keys iOS 3rd party keyboard is then connected, and livestock tag scans are posted as keystrokes to any application that takes keyed input.

Post scans as spreadsheet and send scans anywhere using email, ftp, or download them from

Post scans to any webpage using iScanBrowser app without user needing to tap to get focus.

Post scans to any iOS appusing SerialMagic Keys iOS app 3rd party keyboard, can post scans as keystrokes. also connects RS420 to MacOS, Windows, and Android.