Registration Control Systems: Information and Registration Management Services

Products: Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanners with SerialMagic Professional software

Customer: Registration Control Systems

Application: Information and Registration Management Services

Business Background: Registration Control Systems provides electronic registration and information management services to trade show managers, exhibitors, and attendees. RCS has been providing registration services since 1971 and attends tradeshows ranging anywhere from 1,000 to over 120,000 participants.

Solution Tool: By deploying Bluetooth Barcode Scanners, SerialMagic Professional software for mobile phones, Web-Enabled mobile devices, and barcode badges to tradeshow managers, exhibitors, and attendees, RCS can provide their clients with customized real-time access to the lead collection, management and follow-ups.

Business Situation: Before the introduction of the new handheld lead retrieval solution, RCS relied on a magnetic strip retrieval system. The magnetic strip retrieval system required exhibitors to swipe attendee badges. Each swipe would load a potential clients’ information into a database that would be stored for later retrieval. Exhibitors, at the end of a show, would have to either load the potential client’s information onto a CD from their computer or would have to wait in line at the end of the show to download the data. The downside of this system was that leads would grow cold. This was due to the long lag time between the exhibitor swiping the potential client information, and the corporate offices’ marketing and sales teams receiving the lead.

Solution: Registration Control Systems now provides their clients with a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, SerialMagic Professional Software, Web-Enabled mobile devices and barcoded badges. Empowered with this solution, Registration Control Systems’ customers are now able to collect, manage, share and follow up on leads in real-time, by using a secure, password protected exhibitor website.

Exhibitors are now able to provide their marketing and sales teams access to their sales leads immediately. This means that follow up with leads can be done before they grow cold. Exhibitors can also customize their leads by using the Blackberry keypad to add notes specific to each potential client. This solution gives a significant advantage to the sales-force by cutting out the lag time between receiving the lead on the showroom floor and following up with the lead from the corporate office.

Benefits:  Exhibitors can now scan an attendee’s barcode badge on the showroom floor, and qualify the leads using their web-enabled mobile phones and the real-time exhibitor website, and instantly send that lead to their head offices’ sales and marketing teams, in turn following up on the lead immediately.

  • The real-time lead collection has eliminated the lag time between receiving the lead and following up on the lead, and leads do not grow cold or stale.
  • Exhibitors now have the ability to add important notes to go with each potential client, live. For More Information Regarding:

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