McCall Associates: On-Site Catering Company Staff Attendance Tracking Products: Tool KeyBatch & BatchMagic Family Batch Laser Scanner

Business Situation: On-Site Catering Company Staff Attendance Tracking

Solution: All Employees are assigned barcodes with their employee ID. Barcodes are printed on timesheets which are brought to our onsite events along with the super- portable Batch scanners. As the employees check in for their shift, the event manager scans the barcode next to their name and their shift times are accurately recorded and stored in the device. After the event, the Batch Scanners are returned to the payroll manager, who then simply downloads the data into an Excel spreadsheet using a USB connection. The excel file is then imported into our payroll management software. The spreadsheet is able to code who worked where and when.

Benefits: Portability. The scanners are portable, light and affordable. They are a great improvement from our previous system using a large scanner that attached to a cell phone. We had a significant investment into each unit- so when the bulky units were set down or misplaced – they were expensive to replace. These units do not get misplaced since they are easy to store in a pocket or around one’s neck. Even if they did get lost, they are relatively inexpensive to replace.

Cost Savings: No monthly service charges and low up-front costs. One major cost saving benefit is that we no longer need to transmit data wirelessly- which meant we had to pay a monthly service fee to our wireless carrier for each phone. There was also a concern over lack of data transmission due to spotty cell phone coverage and short battery lives. These batteries last much longer and can be charged simply by plugging into the wall or the computer. When we need to expand our capabilities, we can simply add more scanners- whereas before, we needed to set up additional individual wireless accounts as well as purchase more expensive scanning units.

Simplicity: No need for training- the simplicity of the device has cut down problems due to the simple hardware – there is only one button…anyone can learn how to use it! Also, the system is so straightforward- after the initial customization of the software to achieve compatibility with our existing programs, the data imports have been seamless.

Customer Service: We have had a very helpful and friendly customer service representative who has been easily- reachable, knowledgeable and available to facilitate the setup of the software and answer any questions.McCalls Catering & Events – San Francisco Catering 
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