Mobile Grid Description Mode

Setup Mobile Grid Description Mode On iPhone / iPad You setup mobile grid description mode on iPhone or iPad after installing the iOS Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid app. First you need an account on, contact serialio to get your account setup. After you have your account, now you setup the cloud account with the file …

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Load MOB-ICE Key On RS4x

Load MOB-ICE Key On idChamp® RS4x You load MOB-ICE key on idChamp® RS4x Smart Credential Badge Reader in order to read secure and restricted badge types. For example the idChamp® RS4x offers support for all HID Mobile Access® solutions including employee badge and Student ID in Apple Wallet. To read these credentials from the Apple …

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Fast Emergency Headcount With Badge & Without

Fast Emergency Headcount With Badge & Without You perform very fast Emergency Headcount with badge & without. During your emergency, RFID badge check-in is fast, and convenient, yet people will forget their badges. You use Cloud-In-Hand Stratus-io Emergency Headcount for fast check-in with RFID/Barcode badges and without. For example use the idChamp® NF4x Wireless Smart …

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Load Soft Credential Key On RS4x

Load Soft Credential Key On idChamp® RS4x First you load soft credential key on your idChamp® RS4x to enable reading mobile credentials stored in the phone. Then  use the mobile credentials via HID Mobile Access, or credential stored in Apple Wallet for meeting or attendance check-in. See this post if you just need to load …

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Tru-Test S3 Scale Head Post Weight as Keystrokes SerialMagic Keys

PROX & iClass Badge Values

SerialMagic Keys Post PROX & iClass Badge Values As Keystrokes You post PROX & iCLass badge values as keystrokes to iOS apps using SerialMagic Keys iOS. Your company employee badge values easily post to any iOS app that accepts keystrokes. Post RFID, NFC, Barcode, Scale readings sensors, and more, with SerialMagic Keys*. When you’re employee …

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iPhone Built-in RFID Posts MQTT

iPhone Built-in RFID Posts MQTT To Any Broker You use the iPhone Built-in RFID Posts MQTT messages using the NFC Read Write app. Place RFID tag near iPhone built-in RFID-NFC reader and the tag CSN value is published to the specified MQTT Broker. When you use tag with NDEF data present, this is also included …

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Emergency Headcount By Department

Emergency Headcount By Department Do emergency headcount by department with cloud-in-hand stratus-io time & attendance. Your emergency environment is hectic. As you save time checking people in, you insure people who need help get it fast. First, you may have check-in points where people are checked in via RFID badges*, this is fast and effective. …

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Emergency Headcount SMS/TEXT

Emergency Headcount SMS/TEXT Speeds Mustering Use SMS emergency headcount via SMS/TEXT to speed emergency mustering. First, people use the standard TEXT feature on their phone, no app to load on peoples phones for this SMS check-in. Second, you increase efficiency and speed your emergency headcount events and drills. Next, you are freed from fixed Rally-Points, …

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Attendance In-Person & MS Teams

Attendance In-Person & MS Teams In One Report Get the results of attendance in-person & MS Teams at your meetings in one easy report. You easily get reports from MS Teams for all meeting attendees, but you also need in-person attendance records. Now you do both with Cloud-In-Hand® Stratus-io Time and Attendance, and the MS …

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