I wrote you just hours ago about how I've had problems with Sun's

I wrote you just hours ago about how I've had problems with Sun's COMM API implementation with our product that utilizes serial communications to talk to a GSM Modem. Sometimes we get this error code from the Java COMM API. "Win32 Comm Driver: Error 995". I thought it was something badly implemented with Sun's API. Sure enough, I order your product and no more problems! I didn't even have to change my code since you provide the Comm API wrapper. Beautiful! Thank you so much! 

-Joseph Lauer,
Simplewire, Inc.


Fanfare provides the only software solutions to help high-tech equipment vendors and service providers simplify and accelerate system and device testing. As part of our solution, we provide our customers the ability to test their devices connected through a serial port connection. After researching various third-party solutions, we selected SerialIO.com's SerialPort product as we found it to be the best tool for working with serial port connections in a Java application. We would recommend SerialPort for anyone wishing to add serial port connectivity to a Java application 

-Ameya Barve,
Manager Software Engineering - The Fanfare Group, Inc.


Setting out to write a serial port application in Java, I had thought that the world of java serial port libraries was in shambles.  I tried everything I could find and couldn't get anything to work until I found Serialio.com SerialPort. These libraries worked right off the bat, and gave me the flexibility to choose how I wanted to implement them, and Serialio.com implementation of javax.comm kept me from having to rewrite much of my code.  Every step along the way to getting my application working, the SerialPort support helped me keep going, promptly answering all my inquiries and working with me until we had come up the best solution for my serial port application.  Thanks! 

-Joshua Chambers,
Kind Computer Solutions

I always select the SerialPort API over javax.comm.SerialPort whenever I have a choice. The javax

I always select the SerialPort API over javax.comm.SerialPort whenever I have a choice. The javax.comm.SerialPort API is difficult to setup and to use, especially having to deal with the silly properties file. In addition (or should I say, in subtraction) javax.comm.SerialPort does not provide a proper transmit timeout feature, so threads have the potential of lockup when transmitting. - 

Mike Karlesky