I am happy with the performance of my LaserChamp scanner and how it works with SerialMagic Professional Power Upgrade

I work in the medical device sector and regularly need to track inventory that is used by my customers. I am happy with the performance of my LaserChamp scanner and how it works with SerialMagic Professional Power Upgrade on my Blackberry Storm scanning HIBC barcodes. The bottom line is the device saves me time, full stop! Aside from the SerialMagic/LaserChamp performance, the most important/ impressive part of Serialio is customer service. I have had prompt, friendly service for even the most minor of issues. Even though I am moderately tech savvy, I end my conversations with them feeling confident in the wireless scanner and software capabilities and not like I have wasted their time. I recommend the SerialMagic/LaserChamp to anyone who needs to work quickly and efficiently with inventory that needs to be accounted for.