Evergreen Research, Inc. is a medical device developer. Thanks for a great product!

Evergreen Research, Inc. is a medical device developer. Many products developed over the past 10 years use an embedded PC to control physical end effectors, like motors, solenoids, pumps, pressure transducers, load cells, etc. The PC uses serial lines, sometimes a single RS-485, sometimes a group of RS-232s, to communicate with embedded controllers, like 80C51s or 68HC12s. The embedded controllers operate the end effectors. Evergreen has developed a light-weight serial protocol that standardizes and validates the serial communications without imposing a high overhead.

Some of the products using our technology

  1. Pharmacy compounder that mixes IV solutions for intravenous feeding.
  2. Heart-lung machine used during cardiac bypass surgery.
  3. Syringe filling machine.
  4. Production tester for electrosurgical generators.
  5. IV bag weighing scale.
  6. Whole-body cooler for acute treatment of stroke.
  7. Bearing monitor for large industrial pumps.

Evergreen purchased and installed both the Windows and Linux versions of SerialPort. It installed without a hitch and works great. I wish all of the software products purchased were as good as yours. Thanks for a great product!