iScanBrowser Appearance Settings (iOS)

This document provides information regarding the appearance settings for iScanBrowser (iOS). To access iScanBrowser’s appearance settings, navigate to iScanBrowser’s settings page by tapping on the gear icon located on the floating taskbar.

iScanBrowser for iOS

Then locate the section labeled “Appearance Settings.”

iScanBrowser for iOS

Enable Fullscreen Mode

To enable fullscreen mode, toggle the slider to the far right of “Fullscreen.”

iScanBrowser for iOS

Enable Orientation Lock

To enable orientation lock, tap on the option labeled “Orientation lock.”

iScanBrowser for iOS

Then select the mode in which you want to lock the orientation:

  • System orientation (default)
  • Portrait
  • Portrait Upside Down
  • Landscape left
  • Landscape Right
iScanBrowser for iOS

Once you select your desired orientation lock mode, iScanBrowser will automatically save the setting and take you back to the settings page.