How to Use NFC Gears and Android’s Built-in NFC Reader with to Write NDEF Data

This guide demonstrates how to use Android built-in NFC reader and NFC Gears’ Write NDEF message feature (available in version 2.2.24 and later). You will need:

  • NFC Gears (available on the Google Play Store)
  • NFC enabled
  • An NFC tag (with an empty NDEF data store)

1. Launch NFC Gears.

2. Tap on “SETTINGS.”

NFC Gears 2.2.24

3. Hold the NFC tag up to your Android phone’s NFC sensor.

4. tap on “Write NDEF message.”

NFC Gears settings - Write NDEF message

You will receive a prompt explaining that the built-in NFC reader can only write to an empty tag. If you need to overwrite NDEF data, you will need to use the idChamp NF2 or idChamp RS4.

NFC Gears empty tag warning

5. Select the NDEF data type.

NFC Gears - NDEF data type

6. Enter the data to write to the empty tag.

Write URL to NDEF data

It must be consistent with the data type selected in the previous step; for example, if you selected “URL,” the data must be a URL.

7. Tap on “WRITE.”

Write NDEF processing

You should receive a pop-up alert stating “Result write: ok.”

NFC Gears result write: ok

In this example, we used a URL data type with the data “” When we scanned the tag, the Android OS launched the browser and navigated to opened in default Android browser