How to pair the BB2e with SerialMagic Professional on Windows 10 via BLE

This article demonstrates how to pair the Scanfob Ultra-BB2e or Scanfob NFC-BB2e to connect to Windows 10Note — you must first use yACK BLE (for Android or iOS) to enable the bl e e setting for the Scanfob BB2e to work with Windows 10 Bluetooth (BLE). If you have not already done so, visit our page on how to setup the Scanfob BB2e to pair with Windows 10 via BLE before continuing. 

Pair with Windows 10 Bluetooth settings

1. Make sure that your Window 10 PC or tablet supports Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0 or later) and that Bluetooth is ON.

2. Launch the Windows 10 Settings app.

Windows 10 settings

3. Navigate to Devices. The first section you’ll see is Bluetooth & other devices

Windows 10 device settings

4. Click on Add Bluetooth or other device.

Windows 10 Bluetooth settings

5. Select Bluetooth.

Windows 10 Bluetooth settings

6. On the Add a device window, select your Scanfob BB2e when it appears in the discovered list.

7. Power on the BB2e (this tutorial is applicable to the Ultra-BB2e or the NFC-BB2e) by holding down for ~ three seconds.

Once paired with Windows Bluetooth, you can connect your BB2e to applications like SerialMagic Professional for Windows to send data to any application as keystrokes!

Connect your BB2e to SerialMagic Professional

1. Launch SerialMagic Professional for Windows. If you do not already have it installed, you can download the installer here.

2. Click Add to add a new connection.

SerialMagic Professional for Windows - Add a new connection

3. On the Select How Scanner Will Connect window, select “SerialMagic will connect to the remote Bluetooth device using Bluetooth LE” and the image of the either the Scanfob Ultra-BB2e or the Scanfob NFC-BB2e.

SerialMagic Professional for Windows 10 - BLE + Scanfob BB2e

4. Select the BB2e from the nearby devices list.

5. Select how you’d like to use the BB2e. Here we’ve selected “like a keyboard, data posted to the cursor location.”

SerialMagic Professional for Windows - like a keyboard input method

6. Continue through the setup prompts until you see the Add New Connection confirmation window. Here you can double check that the setup is correct. Click OK.

7. On the main screen of SerialMagic Professional, click Start

You can now send RFID data from your Scanfob BB2e to the cursor location!

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