Support Now Added for AllFlex RS420 Wand brings the power of Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid to the AllFlex RS420 Series Stick Reader’s Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid iOS version 1.3.41 is now supporting the AllFlex RS420 Series stick reader. This reader paired with Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid iOS app, provides a customizable, user friendly solution for integration with livestock manaement systems. The solution framework also allows you to specify your needs for a customized cloud based solution hosted on

Why RFID for Livestock Tracking?

Animal identification, a global market, grows about 30% every year.¹ RFID technology today identifies several hundred million animals such as: pigs, sheep, goats, cows, deer, horses, fish and pigeons. In order to take on this task, the NAIS (National Animal Identification System) working group recommends using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags because it is the most appropriate for the current industry needs.² With new federal guidelines dictating specific tracking and tag requirements, making a transition to an RFID Livestock Management solution has become a necessity for the vast majority of ranchers and farmers wanting to ensure complicity.

What are the benefits of using aLivestock Management System?

  • Livestock source verification and recording
  • Designate needed separation and / or routing
  • Process verification dating (e.g. vaccines, procedure)
  • Safeguards against theft
  • Automates operations at farm and auction house
  • Overview of animal age and risk for disease