Reliable Wireless Bluetooth Connections for RFID, Barcode, & more

Are you considering Bluetooth for connecting RFID-NFC reader, barcode scanner or other application that requires reliable connectivity?

Perhaps you’ve found questions about Bluetooth reliability like:
Why isn’t Bluetooth more reliable 100% of the time?
Why do Bluetooth connections randomly disconnect?

Many solutions considering wireless Bluetooth connections concerned with reliability may opt for cables due to an unclear reputation of Bluetooth reliability fostered by poor implementations and low quality products.

While cabled connections don’t have wireless connectivity issues, they also don’t have the flexibility of Bluetooth. Wireless connectivity gives flexibility for solutions where cables are difficult or impossible.

Perhaps contrary to commonly reported issues especially related to Bluetooth audio connections, Bluetooth connectivity has been implemented with success in 24/7/365 solutions for RFID, NFC, Barcode, Scales, Meters, Calipers, Survey, and other equipment.

When using Bluetooth for reliable connections choice of host and client are important for success and acceptance. For example quality Android devices like Samsung Galaxy series, connected with idChamp® and Scanfob® family devices in concert with proven software from, have been used with success in 24/7/365 applications such as attendance check-in, check-out, ridership, and other such solutions.

If you have a solution that needs reliable Bluetooth connectivity, you can know that such solutions are currently in use, and would be glad to discuss how to make your project a success