Post Livestock Tags From Gallagher HR5 To Any iPad or iPhone App

How can the Gallagher HR5 be connected to and iPad or iPhone?

Since the Gallagher HR5 supports Bluetooth SPP (and WiFi) but not Bluetooth BLE this seems impossible.

This video shows Gallagher HR5 connected to iPad and posting livestock tags as keystrokes using SerialMagic Keys to Filemaker Go app.

What’s not shown in the video is the SPP to BLE bridge that makes this possible.

Contact or see other videos for Gallagher HR5 for details.

Video below shows Gallagher HR5 connected to iPhone 11 and posting livestock tags as keystrokes using Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid Spreadsheet and database app. Scans can be sent to email, uploaded to FTP, hosted on Cloud-In-Hand, and more.